Paper Cut - The Exhibition

Paper Cut - The Exhibition

Spectacular works by 25 of the world’s most critically acclaimed paper craft illustrators are to be showcased in Paper Cut, an extraordinary new exhibition presented by notable paper craft illustrator Owen Gildersleeve.

The 50+ piece show includes original artworks, paper sculptures and prints. Paper Cut offers a tantalising exploration of these burgeoning and other worldly fields of illustration.

Highlights include hand-cut artworks by popular UK artist Rob Ryan, a set of stunning original pieces from Russian-born artist Yulia Brodskaya, awe inspiring large-scale creations by LA-based artist Jeff Nishinaka, hand-crafted props from Andersen M Studio's double Cannes Lion Award winning animation Going West, and a selection of Kirigami artworks from Marc Hagan-Guirey's critically-acclaimed Horrorgami series.

With an accompanying programme of talks and workshops, the exhibition will also allow visitors to meet the artists in person, as well as giving a unique insight into their working practice.

Artist talks will cover issues such as the recent resurgence of craft-based practices and the importance of human interaction in art and design, demonstrating that paper craft illustration is more than a commercially fuelled faddism and has earned a rightful place in contemporary art galleries.

Boogie on down with the Paper Cut Crew in The Proud Archivist Gallery, surrounded by incredible papercraft artistry with specially crafted, for one night only – Papersharp cocktails. Featuring special guest DJ’s Kiwi Kuuva, Miami and Disco Beats.