'Against Tyranny' John Hoppy Hopkins Exhibition Poster

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'Against Tyranny' John Hoppy Hopkins Exhibition Poster

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Exhibition: 'Against Tyranny' John Hoppy Hopkins: Photographs and Psychedelic Art from the 60s Counterculture

Description: Hoppy was at the centre of the counter cultural scene in London. Founder of the Notting Hill Carnival, UFO Club, International Times and photojournalist for the Times, Melody Maker and Peace News, this exhibition, held in 2009, was taking the viewer on a vivid journey through a London in turmoil and young generation determined to change the world.

I arrived in London with a black & white camera in my hand and I got a job as an assistant to a commercial photographer. It was heaven. I was doing something I really wanted to do for the first time in my life.

John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins 

Size: 42 x 59.2 cm (A2)


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