Blue Gas and Cyclist - Jane Smith

Jane Smith

Blue Gas and Cyclist - Jane Smith

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Artist: Jane Smith

Size: A3 

Limited Edition 100

Signed by the artist

Description: Jane Smith is a freelance illustrator based in Dalston, where she loves it! And draws masses of inspiration from her surroundings. Jane's art reflects the changes of Hackney from a “Crack Alley” to a rich mans backyard and we feel her art really reflects the old and the new, with house prices skyrocket, Ridley Road Market becoming a hipster hotbed of coffee shops and galleries nestled in between the fruit and veg that the locals know and love.

Her work spreading across drawings in her sketchbook, being refined later, and printmaking mainly through lino cut. As well as working for a number of high-end clients, with names on er list like Time Out, The Museum of London, Ted Baker and The BBC, it’s no surprise that people are always looking for her work.