City in Pink I - Victoria Batt

Victoria Batt

City in Pink I - Victoria Batt

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Artist: Victoria Batt
Digital C - Type Photographic Print
Fuji Crystal Archive Paper


Small - 17.7 x 12.7cm 
Large - 76.2 x 50.8 cm

"Exploring the city, specifically looking up at the Barbican building, always gave me a sense of serenity. There is something captivating and mesmerising about its symmetry, it’s simulatenously ugly and beautiful. As I wander through the city I tune in to the environment that surrounds me and the very act of photographing and collecting images inspires me. The photographs in this series had an accidental pink tint caught by the 35mm film, adding a daydream like quality to that I was drawn to. It seemed to reflect the fleeting feeling of exploration.

City in Pink came out of experimenting with the hues of the accidental pink that had already been caught by the 35 mm film."


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