Hapshash Takes a Trip Exhibition Poster
Hapshash Takes a Trip Exhibition Poster

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Hapshash Takes a Trip Exhibition Poster

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Size: 42 x 59.2 cm (A2)

Exhibition: Hapshash Takes a Trip: The Sixties Work of Nigel Waymouth

Description: In London, the psychedelic art created by Nigel Waymouth and his collaboration with Michael English (as Hapshash & the Coloured Coat) is wonderfully evocative of the late sixties. “This was the most important creative time of my career as an artist", says Waymouth. Influenced by the popularity of art nouveau, the swirling colourful shapes and mystical symbols of their posters advertised the underground venues, notably the UFO Club in Tottenham Court Road, where avant-garde bands like Pink Floyd, The Incredible String Band and Procul Harum played. The exhibition, held in 2011, included black and white photographs and a few album covers, the focus of the retrospective, however, was on original silk-screen prints. As well as pieces from the Hapshash period and his designs for Granny Takes a Trip, the gallery displayed Waymouth’s album covers, photographs, press clippings and magazines.The exhibition endeavoured to recreate the psychedelic experience to the full, with poetry readings, light shows, DJ sets and live music.



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