Hay Wain with Cruise Missiles - Peter Kennard

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Hay Wain with Cruise Missiles - Peter Kennard

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In this subversive limited edition print of a photomontage, three nuclear warheads are inserted into the idyllic East Anglian countryside depicted in John Constable's famous painting The Hay Wain (1821). The impetus for this work was the proposal to hone US nuclear cruise missiles in rural East Anglia. It was also a response to a Ministry of Defence leaflet that portrayed the missiles in delicate watercolours.

Edition: This is a limited edition print of 1. Signed and numbered by the artist.

About the Artist
Peter Kennard, born 17 February 1949 is a London born and based photomontage artist and Senior Research Reader in Photography, Art and the Public Domain at the Royal College of Art. Seeking to reflect his involvement in the anti-Vietnam War movement, he turned from painting to photomontage to better address his political views. He is best known for the images he created for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in the 1970s–80s including a detournment of John Constable's Hay Wain called ‘Haywain with Cruise Missiles’.

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