John Squire : Celebrity - Poster

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John Squire : Celebrity - Poster

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Size: 42 x 59.2 cm (A2)

Description: The exhibition from the artistic heart of the 90s Manchester group The Stone Roses presented substantial but strangely fragile canvases of Islamic-style patterned art. John Squire's illuminating collection of completely new works examined how modern Western society’s idolisation of celebrity culture has devoured our traditional symbols of salvation and replaced them with new gods. The works are all abstract representations of household names, often composed using eight pointed stars to create a mosaic feel. Although it’s near impossible to guess from the paintings who they represent (it’s tempting to try), once you read the caption, the recognition slowly dawns: Sugar Ray Leonard’s boxing-glove-red supernova; Lindsay Lohan’s shambolic scribbled mess; Cheryl Cole’s thinly decorative fluff; a disintegrating Woody Allen; the dark claustrophobic descent of Richard Pryor; Phil Spector’s swirling madness. 



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