Logo for the Hackney Looting Team 2012

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Logo for the Hackney Looting Team 2012

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Artist’s Proof, Limited edition print

Limited Edition

About the Artist

Pure Evil - Charles Uzzell-Edwards is a graffiti and street artist better known by the cheeky moniker Pure Evil. His tag of a vampire bunny rabbit was bore from the artist's feeling of remorse after shooting a rabbit in the countryside as a youth. Charley explains, "I've always regretted this terrible deed and the idea is that the rabbit is coming back to haunt me. The great thing is, you can do it in about five seconds. If you are running through the streets of Moscow at night you can just do a quick bunny on the side of a hoarding and run away." He is also the son of the late Welsh painter John Uzzell Edwards. Having Pure Evil as a nickname is a bit of a joke, Charley confesses, but it's a license to have fun with dark imagery. It reflects the darkness that's in the world right now. You can't just ignore it and do a nice picture of a unicorn. Unless it's a unicorn with a rocket launcher on its head.


Size: 72cm x 72cm

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