Multicassette (Stripe)

Horace Panter

Multicassette (Stripe)

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Artist: Horace Panter

Description: "demo-cassettes often contained the bare bones of songs that went on to become classic pop hits but they were essentially disposable things. I often used to tape over them, making them into my own mixtapes." Horace Panter

To return to the demo-cassette/mixtape, Horace calls them ‘repositories of memory’ because they evoke a specific period of music history between the reel-to-reel tape and the compact disc and because music itself, even just a song title, provokes a stirring of memory/nostalgia. Each painting has been researched to serve as an accurate reminder of a great period when bands would take these small pieces of plastic home and listen to what they had recorded that day in the recording studio.

Horace has been exhibiting in the UK since 2009, in London at The Strand Gallery, the AAF London, The London Art Fair and the London Print Fair at the Royal Academy. In 2014 he exhibited in Singapore as part of the Best of British season. His work is permanently at Reuben Colley Fine Art Gallery in Birmingham.

He has also worked on a number of professional collaborations with brands, including Fred Perry, Club Wembley, Sheaffer Inc., Teenage Cancer Trust, Amy Winehouse Foundation, Dr Martens, Strummerville, Blues Magazine UK, and Stone Foundation.

Read More About the Artist:
Born in Croydon in 1953 and graduating in 1975 with an art degree from Coventry’s ‘Lanchester Polytechnic’, much of his practice to date has been based on figurative work influenced by traditional forms of iconography infused with a Pop Art sensibility. He cites his influences as Peter Blake, Wayne Thiebaud and Joseph Cornell as well as the naive style of Henri Rousseau. His recent ‘Americana’ series, paintings of street signs and diners, relate back to his adolescent years when he was heavily influenced by American cultural exports in terms of art, music and literature with artists like Edward Hopper and Alan D’Arcangelo. What is left out of the painting is as considered as what is included, making them highly stylized motifs of the American cityscape.


  • Medium: Fine Art Print
  • Paper/Ink: 285 gsm Ultrachrome HDR lightfast
  • Size: 61 x 61 cm
  • Edition: 35

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