Who Are You?
Who Are You?

Frankie Boyle Studio

Who Are You?

Sale price£7,500.00

Fabricated by Frankie for the inaugural exhibition celebrating the rock legends The Who.

  • 1 / 10 wall mounted light-works
  • 3 program settings
  • 150 x 30
  • Removable notes to make your own tunes

“This sculpture captures the energy in the Who’s seminal song, Who Are You? By bringing life to the static notes through the use of light and shadows in the rhythms and temperatures which are emblematic of the movement of fire. In this collaboration with Mad Gallery, I have taken inspiration from the songs energy and our ancestral connection to fire which evokes an innate sense of curiosity and intrigue.”  

This artwork is made to order, which can take up to 12 weeks from purchase.  We can ship the artwork in a custom built crate to anywhere in the UK for £250 additional to the retail price, or it can be collected from the Hastings gallery free of charge.


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