Eureka Moments

Eureka Moments

alternating coloured squiggles and lines

About the exhibition

An epic collaboration of Samsung, Proud Archivist and the O2, presenting breakthrough moments in history and the backbone of designs and iconic cartoons, devices and statues that still stand today.

Using brilliant newly seen technology, the vision for this exhibition was to bring together early design sketches from the innovators behind the Shanghai Tower, Brompton Bikes, Life Tech and the Lava Lamp and original drawings of the much loved characters Hello Kitty, Superman and Dennis the Menace, and other revolutionary blueprints in history. The gallery was opened to the world 25th November and runs until 7th December from 9-6pm at Proud Archivist in Shoreditch.

a vintage diagram of an early tage of a bike design annotated thoroughly


Coming to Shoreditch, a lifetime and spectecal of the milestones in history recorded by magnificent visionaries who made history with their creations and masterpieces. The exhibit follows their creativity through modern day devices, showcasing the devices impressive technology, capability and durability. The expertly handled layout presented the diagrams, layouts and skeletons of products, characters and structures that still hold a place in our world, from something as lovable to Hello Kitty, to something as grand as the Eiffel Tower, this exhibit covered all of the eureka moments that changed the game.

These designs and this whole idea was bought together in a symphony of animations and a feast fr the sensory. A primary curator, inventor-in-residence at the Science Museum, Mark Champkin commented that the “O2’s Eureka Moments exhibition is a celebration of some of the great creative visionaries of recent times and we hope it inspires people to have their own “eureka” moments”.

He added: “From a personal perspective a rare and elusive “eureka moment” is the flash of inspiration that comes as ideas or concepts that I have been mulling over fuse together to form something totally new and exciting. It is the thrill of turning over a new idea in my mind, inspecting it from different perspectives and then seeking to make it real.”

“There is little better than being able to express human ingenuity in a way that is beneficial to others and can change the world around us. To me, that’s what a Eureka moment is.”