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surrealist aspects

Through incorporating surrealist aspects to a lot of his photography,
Louis Lander Deacon produces beautiful pieces standing out from the rest. His
cover photo for Imagine Dragons’ EP “Continued Silence” which was released in
February 2012 arguably engages with these aspects where a figure is seemingly
floating above ground in a beautiful landscape, creating a sense of mystery
whilst being extremely captivating.

touring with the band

Additionally, Deacon got to travel on tour with Imagine Dragons and have as presented here captured some beautiful moments of touring with the band. His extensive involvement with highlights and shadows through an
engagement with and usage of spotlights creates beautiful contrasts, giving a dramatic feeling to each shot.

- Louis Lander Deacon

 'I started photography back in November of 2007. I had a little Fuji Bridge camera, which was a great camera from what I remember. So I just started taking photographs down at the local skate park and it basically spiralled out of control from there.'