Oasis - Morning Glory

Oasis - Morning Glory

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(What’s the story) Morning Glory is the second and most successful album released by Oasis. It features highlight songs of the Bands career including “Wonderwall” and “Don’t look back in anger”. With a different approach to their previous album Defiantly Maybe, the emphasis is now placed on huge chorus’ and balladry styles.

Photographer Michael Spencer Jones first photographed Oasis in the second year of their career, he then went on to spend five years working closely with the band to produce iconic album covers for Definitely Maybe, Be Here Now as well as (What’s the Story) Morning Glory.

Brian Cannon recalls that the idea for the (What’s the Story) Morning Glory cover was provoked when Noel Gallagher told him that he was coming from the saying “There aren’t ever answers, there are only ever more questionswhich led to the idea of two men, seemingly strangers, passing in Berwick street, Soho, in the early hours of the morning, their identity’s a mystery, as well as their reason for interaction and topic of conversation.

Michael Spencer Jones reflects on the shoot as “a very ambiguous moment and… one of my favourite Oasis covers”