Freedom from Fear

Freedom from Fear

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July marks the opening of a new photography exhibition, highlighting the positive impact of refugees on society from the award-winning photographer and journalist Caroline Irby and Pulitzer nominee Veronique Mistiaen.

Portraits of refugees from regions including East DRC, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Somaliland, will be on display, showing when they first felt free in the UK. The event tells stories of refugees who once fled their homeland through persecution or war but have now found freedom in the UK.

Breaking Barriers is a unique organisation that provides an innovative and unparalleled service to address the systemic social and economic issues of integration for refugee communities. They offer a holistic service designed to make sure that refugees can find meaningful employment that is commensurate with their skills, experience and qualifications. By doing so, they help their successful settlement in, and integration with, local communities. As refugees struggle to get their foot on the first step of the ladder and find relevant British work experience, societal pressures and discrimination increase make the task ever harder.  Breaking Barriers helps to break this vicious circle. They work with refugees, businesses and throughout society to educate and provide support at all stages.

They partner with leading corporates and organisations to provide sustainable employment: Breaking Barriers has successfully supported over 160 refugees into employment over the last 18 months, working with over 20 businesses in the process.

The event is sponsored by leading international law firm Mishcon de Reya, who has recently taken on a refugee lawyer from Sudan on a 6 week placement.


The exhibition will be open to the public from 10-6pm – July 12th-17th

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